Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scientific instrument dealers at Kochi

Scientech, Kochi
Scientech offers a Comprehensive Range of Test & Measuring Instruments, Educational Training Equipment & Software's to its dealers which have been proven to be the best in the industry. The testimonials of our satisfied clients itself says much about our product and services. We are proud to announce that we are number one oscilloscope manufacturer in India. We have been leading the market with these products. We are exporting educational training equipment to various countries like Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Middle East etc.
Contact:Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
"Parvanendu" 35/735-B,
Eroor Vasudev Road, North Janatha, Palarivattom Cochin - 682 025 (Kerala)
Ph : 0484-2343423
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Anpoli or Anpara

In Kerala temples have great role in the life of people living around it. Every place have its own deity called 'deshanathan'. We have to please him before all important events.
'Nirmalyam', 'Abhishekam', 'nedyam' , 'sheeveli', 'Pushpanjali' , 'Sreekovil', 'Thanthri', 'Varyar', 'Marar', 'Mothathu', 'melshanthi', 'keezhshanti', 'vazhipadu', 'Utsavabali', 'Pradakshinam' and 'Thirumeni' these terms are related to temples.
Temples have lot of rituals connected with the people around it. 'Utsavams' are one of that kind. 'Parayeduppu utsavam' is a main festival of every temple. Chief diety visits every devotee's house once in an year. That is known as 'para edukkal'. Para is a measuring instrument for grains. In older days everyone offered rice to the diety during his house visit. Then he bless the whole family. There will be different items to offer. 'Arippara', Nelpara,Aval para.malar para, sharkara para and pazham para. Some devi temples have manjal para also. During para we have to fill a changazhi and a nazhi also. These are smaller versions of para. 'Thidambu' will be on the top an elephant accompanied by 'thalapoli' and panchavadya.

'Thalapoli' is also a speciality of Kerala. Mostly it is carried by ladies. A vessel full of flowers to welcome a very important member to a function or in temples. Some times this contain a lamp inside the 'thattam'. Some place half coconut with lamp to make the occasion more special. In our weddings also its an inevitable part to welcome bride and groom.

For Anpoli we have to fill five paras, five changazhis and five nazhis.

Now almost all the temple changed their rituals of parayeduppu. Diety will not visit everyone's home, we can offer paras at kodimara chuvadu(below the flag post). There will be elephants and pachavadya in Aanakkottil. Its very auspicious to take part in the event.
During my childhood house will be cleaned for parayeduppu. Every road will be cleaned to welcome the diety. In front of the gate a small welcome shed will be made with dry coconut leaves(medanja ola). The floor must be cleaned with cow dung and kolams will be drawn with rice powder. The whole shed will be decorated with tender coconut leaves. Then we will place bronze lamps and para will be placed on a banana leaf. Fire crackers and panchvadya will make the event more colourful. Every keralite have a memory of 'para edukkal'