Monday, June 30, 2008

Kerala Handicrafts

This miniature of 'vallam'( Traditional boat or canoe )is from Chamabkkulam. The land of 'Chambakkulam vallam kali'. Vallam kali is known as snake boat race.
Vallm is used as a main transporting system in ancient Kerala. At that time water transportation was the most popular method. Various types of vallams: Kothumbu vallam, kettu vallam, chundan vallam, churulan vallam, Iruttu kuthi, Odi Vallam, vadakkanodi vallam, kochu vallam and veppu vallam.
Chambakkulam vallam kali may be the most popular snake boat race of Kerala. It has a connection with Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna swamy temple.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anemia-home remedies

Body has lesser number of Red Blood Cells. Anemic person will be very weak.
Some home remedies
  • Take some honey every day
  • Eat ripe banana
  • Eat Raisins and dates
  • Beetroot juice and Apple juice help to build up RBC production
  • Tomato juice is also good

Sunday, June 15, 2008

More vegetables and fruits for better health

Vegetables and fruits are natural sources of energy. Our ancient healing science Ayurveda suggests 'You are what you eat'. Vegetables have the power to enhance the 'Satwik' energy in us which will result in a healthy mind. More chilly and masala will lead to more anger and anxiety.
Healthy diet will result in a strong immune system and create a sense of well being. Fruits are low in calories but rich with variety of vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. They have a lot of fiber which eases our digestion. Eating fruits will reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases. Fruits will help to control your weight.
Children love Fresh juices. Its a health mix too. The effort you put into making a juice will make you and your family more healthy and happy. This thought compel me to buy more fruits every week. Salads are also a quick way to include raw vegetables in the diet.
In Kerala, almost all homes in villages have at least one 'kula Pazham'(bunch of banana) hanging in the store room, its a tempting scene. Place the fruits in a common place, easy to view. Reduce the quantity of other snacks. Add one fruit in breakfast. Convince your child about the positive factors of fruits and vegetables. Schools can do a lot of awareness in this field. My son is studying in Sree Sree Ravishankar Vidya Mandir at Kochi they have instructions to keep Tuesday as 'salad day' and Friday as 'Fruits day'. On that days snacks will be salads or fruits. They celebrate birthdays with out coockies, we can send Raisins, dates, cashew nuts, almonds and other dried fruits instead of chocolates or cakes. Raisins and dates are also rich with Iron and Calcium. Chakka, Papaya, Mango, Aathakka and Pineapple are the common fruits available in Kerala.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Taste of Kerala

A different approach towards the standards of a cookery show. An interesting program to know the ethnic taste of Kerala. The anchor Raj Kalesh is doing a very good job.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coffee at Kochi

Coffee pubs are becoming more popular in Kerala. Coffee Beans may be the first coffee club in Kerala located at Marine drive, Kochi. Barrista Coffee, the water front coffee pub at bay pride mall ,Java green by Reliance web world, Tata Coffee and Caffe coffee day are making coffee more tasty and trendy.
Cappucino, Mocha beans, black stallion and varieties of cold coffee are the main attractives.
Indian Coffee house was the only coffee labelled restaurant chain all over India. The co-operative society has its own brand coffee powder for sale. These private coffee pubs and special blend of coffees will end up in another business field with high competition.
Pictures of Kappikkuru

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yesterday I saw the film 'Sukritham'(സുകൃതം) . The main theme is the inner healing powers of our body. A good movie with a lot of good songs but with a tragic end. 'Ennodothunarunna pularikale ennodothu kinavu kandu chirikkumiravukale yathra thudarunnu shubha yathra nernnu varoo.....'. Mammootty, Gouthami, NarendraPrasad and Manoj K Jayan
are the main actors.
We have the power to heal ourselves. Its a wonderful idea for me...
Today I read an article about a family in Kerala following naturopathy in its most successful way. The article was in 'Kanyaka', a women's magazine in malayalam.
In naturopathy all toxins are expelled from the body through fasting and other nature acceptable methods.

Advocate Joshi Jacob and Mrs Joshi working as a director of Kaladi Sanskrit University are the couples in the above story. They had three children, they are also following the way to defeat their illness. Its an interesting story for me because 'health is the real wealth'.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mannar -serene beautiful village

Mannar is a famous town in Alappuzha district of Kerala. The town is in the banks of Pamba river. Mannar is well known for the bronze industry. The Parumala Christian Church, Thrikkuratti Mahadevar temple, Pattambalam devi temple, Panayannar kavu temple and Kunnathoor devi temple are famous pilgrim centres of Mannar.
Mannar has a lot of traditionally built 'Alas' and experts in the field of bronze and brass industry. We can see an array of shops displaying variety of items in bronze and brass. Its a unique scene available in this small town. We can order bronze items suiting to our need from these shops. Its a great experience to see such variety of items.
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