Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Yesterday I saw the film 'Sukritham'(സുകൃതം) . The main theme is the inner healing powers of our body. A good movie with a lot of good songs but with a tragic end. 'Ennodothunarunna pularikale ennodothu kinavu kandu chirikkumiravukale yathra thudarunnu shubha yathra nernnu varoo.....'. Mammootty, Gouthami, NarendraPrasad and Manoj K Jayan
are the main actors.
We have the power to heal ourselves. Its a wonderful idea for me...
Today I read an article about a family in Kerala following naturopathy in its most successful way. The article was in 'Kanyaka', a women's magazine in malayalam.
In naturopathy all toxins are expelled from the body through fasting and other nature acceptable methods.

Advocate Joshi Jacob and Mrs Joshi working as a director of Kaladi Sanskrit University are the couples in the above story. They had three children, they are also following the way to defeat their illness. Its an interesting story for me because 'health is the real wealth'.

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