Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coffee @ MG Road

New album hits Kerala with wonderful lyrics and video. Vineeth with his beautiful voice and Shaan with resonating tune is becoming a hit album after his 'minnalazhake' the hit album song.
Their discussions about the songs was in various coffee shops of MG road , thus the name of the album became coffee at MG Road.
Vineeth is a talented artist like his father the great Srinivasan. I like his songs 'Ente khalbile' from class mates and 'karale karalinte karale' from Udayananu tharam.
'Palavattom kathuninnu njan kolegin maithanathu
oruvakkum mindathe nee poyille'

Tata Nano:amazing little car of the centuary

Limousine image courtsey:Atlanta limousine
Nano: The basic and luxuary versions, Image credit goes to Tata motors
Its so nice and cute. Proud to be an Indian because it is an innovation of Indian Mr. Ratan Tata, the chairman of Tata group. 40 patents to Tata group during development!!!!
  • The world's cheapest car

  • The car will launch into market after June

  • The car is a relief for a middle class family in India suffocating in a two wheeler

  • According to the reports the car will flood into the roads

I am not an expert in Automobile field but this post is for my elder child always thinking and talking about cars. His favourite is 'Nano' but he is ambitious to tell that he will buy a Limousine Car. One day he and his cousin Aswin was talking about the future: then he told him that he will buy a car after his studies then Aswin who has not crossed 4 replied in the same tone I will buy a lot of 'Ethakkappam'(dish made with ripe banana) with my salary!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Walking:way to good health


Walking may be the easier exercise and it is a natural exerciseyou can do for your body. It keeps your mind and body rejuvanated. It improves your relationships stronger and ultimately makes you happier and healthier than ever.

Some Health benefits of walking

  • Increases your life span

  • Improves your sleep
  • Prevents depression and elevate you to a sense of well being

  • Controls your blood pressure

  • Decreases the risk of heart failure

  • Relief from Arthritis pain

  • Strengthens bones and muscles

  • Helps you to stay in shape

  • Helps to reduce your weight

  • Keep in touch with nature

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ton kanakkinu music

Within 2-4 days various FM programs had conquered Kochi. Kochi is rocking with all the programs not only youth but people from various phases of life also enjoying the competition between the broadcasting stations and the surprising gifts and many more....
News papers had reported about the hike in demand of FM Radios in penta menaka of Marine Drive. I am also trying to fill ton kanakkinu music with every minute of my life. My husband who is an electronic expert likes the quality of Radio Mango. But from my child hood I am in love with Mathrubhumi, so I like to tune Club FM 94.3.
Its a revolution in the field of broadcasting. Thanks for the various station managements for making Radio such a popular instrument. Advertisements play a major role anyhow music is a helaer for all type of situations. Without much effort we can listen music from various languages and various films....
My father, who is in changanacherry always enquiring me about the launching of new stations in Kottayam. He is also a music lover and he loves to hear music rather than to see. My husband's friend who is an auto driver telling us about the changes occured in their Auto stand after the launching of FM stations. Its a great thing to have FM in mobile sets. My husband also loves it because its a great relief in the unending blocks in the roads of Metro city. But he always opt
Vividh Bharathy because he thinks he can improve his Hindi by listening to this station. Wishing all the success for all FM stations ....
Other post about this topic Radio is coming back

Friday, May 16, 2008

Radio is coming back....

Advertisements had become a part of our life. Ads of FM radios are also rocking every where. People are in search for new avenues for entertainment and now radio is emerging as a rocking media.

FM is the type of Modulation used to transmit signals. The audio signals are Frequency modulated and transmitted. The other type of modulation used is AM. FM offers maximum clarity for sound but its transmission area is less. Different frequencies are allocated to different companies for their own transmission. Its also a stage for advertisement and thus they can regain their money.
Today Club FM had lauched in the trendy city of Kerala, offering a lot of fun and entertainment. Music is the real mix of these FM Stations. More youngsters are becoming regular audience of the FM stations.
I like the program 'Hello Joy Alukkas Wedding Centre' of the Kochi FM station. In midst of all the chaos of the kitchen I will try to listen to the sweet voice of Asha Latha, the Radio Jockey of the program. Then only I noticed the term Radio Jockey. Asha Latha and Balakrishnan are doing a good job. According to me the big advantage of Radio is you can listen it even if you are in a car, in kitchen, in shops, in travel etc. Let us hope people of Kerala will accept the fun and music of all the radios. Muthoot group is also on the way to their own station. Art of living is having their own station in which they give more on meditation and stree relieving methods.
Radio Mirchi owned by Times group and Radio city in Mumbai are well known FM radios in India.
Main FM radios in Kerala

  1. Club FM 94.3 owned by Mathrubhumi daily
  2. Radio Mango owned by Malayala Manorama
  3. Best FM 95.0 owned by Asianet
  4. Radio Joy alukkas by Joy Alukkas group
  5. Suryan FM by Sun TV group
Ton kanakkinu fun and ton kanakkinu music

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ottu pathrangal (bronze utensils)

Aavani palaka-Used as a seat by the thirumeni during poojas

Lakshmi vilakku: An auspicious lamp that brings blessings of Lakshmi bhagawathy the goddess of wealth. Most of these utensils are of my ancestors. In ancient days most of the families in Kerala had a lot of utensils made of bronze. Mannar is a small town in Kerala which meets most of the bronze demands of Kerala.