Friday, May 16, 2008

Radio is coming back....

Advertisements had become a part of our life. Ads of FM radios are also rocking every where. People are in search for new avenues for entertainment and now radio is emerging as a rocking media.

FM is the type of Modulation used to transmit signals. The audio signals are Frequency modulated and transmitted. The other type of modulation used is AM. FM offers maximum clarity for sound but its transmission area is less. Different frequencies are allocated to different companies for their own transmission. Its also a stage for advertisement and thus they can regain their money.
Today Club FM had lauched in the trendy city of Kerala, offering a lot of fun and entertainment. Music is the real mix of these FM Stations. More youngsters are becoming regular audience of the FM stations.
I like the program 'Hello Joy Alukkas Wedding Centre' of the Kochi FM station. In midst of all the chaos of the kitchen I will try to listen to the sweet voice of Asha Latha, the Radio Jockey of the program. Then only I noticed the term Radio Jockey. Asha Latha and Balakrishnan are doing a good job. According to me the big advantage of Radio is you can listen it even if you are in a car, in kitchen, in shops, in travel etc. Let us hope people of Kerala will accept the fun and music of all the radios. Muthoot group is also on the way to their own station. Art of living is having their own station in which they give more on meditation and stree relieving methods.
Radio Mirchi owned by Times group and Radio city in Mumbai are well known FM radios in India.
Main FM radios in Kerala

  1. Club FM 94.3 owned by Mathrubhumi daily
  2. Radio Mango owned by Malayala Manorama
  3. Best FM 95.0 owned by Asianet
  4. Radio Joy alukkas by Joy Alukkas group
  5. Suryan FM by Sun TV group
Ton kanakkinu fun and ton kanakkinu music

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