Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Problem solving

It was a new experience to me to find a solution to a problem evolved in my friend's office.Everyone has their own problems. Most of them complainted about their remuneration. Some complainted about his work load. Some told about the rude nature of their boss. My friend was in a dilemma because of these problems. When we are in problem we can not solve it. Whenever the confidence in you overcomes the fearnaturally there will be a solution. Others can generate fear in us. We must cultivate the positive energy in us. It will be helpful during these situations.
During stressful times we need external support. Some encouraging words from a close friend,it may be enough to wipe off the negatives in us. Stay in contact with others, these relations may become a safety valve for us in crisis.
The very important thing is the confidence in our inner strength. This makes the problem solving more easier and healthy.
That problem made a lot of impact in my friend's mind. Always try to listen to others. There must be a listening hour in every week. This will reduce the impact of problems. Try to listen to others. We can have a smile with gratitude from their face. Its more than money and power.

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