Friday, July 11, 2008

Nadan chayakkada(Tea shop)

Shots from Highrange.
Chayakkada is tea shop. Thattukada is a temporarily arranged teashop for fastfood in evenings only. chayakkada is a permanant setup for coffee and snacks. Snacks include 'Parippuvada', 'Uzhunnu vada', 'Sukhiyan', 'Bonda', 'Ullivada', 'Pazham pori' and 'Pathiri'. Chayakkada will be the source of local news collection centre. There will be permanant members gathering in mornings to have hot coffee or tea. Talking global issues and sipping hot coffee in cool mornings is a hobby of most people in rural areas.
All these snacks will be show cased in the glass cupboard. A lot of memories relating to 'chayakkada' in my college days, my office and a lot. A picture of chayakkada is enough to evoke some memories of the life....
My father always prefer 'chayakkada' rather than big hotels. 'Divakaran's chayakkada' is a nostalgic memory of my husband. It remembers him the freedom of bachelor life. Anyway for Keralites chayakkada is not a business centre, its a part of their life which shares the smell of variety of mouthwatering Kerala dishes.
ThattukadaIts not a permanant hotel. Its a moving hotel with minimum facilities. We can enjoy fresh food preparing infront of us. The cost of the food will be affordable. I love this facilitybecause We will get food instantly without much waitingwe will get hot foodwe can see how they cookThe food will be fresh, without any refrigerationcost will be affordable

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