Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sree Vadakkunnathan temple


The temple is at the heart of Thrissur town and at the centre of the 'Thekkinkadu Maidan' the venue of Thrissur pooram, Spectacular festival of Kerala. Chief deity of Vadakkumnatha temple is Lord Shiva known as 'Sree vadakkum nathan'. Kerala has 108 main shiva temples(maha shiva kshethram). In this 5 temples have more fame. Ettumanoor, Thalipparambu, Vaikom, Thriprangodu and Sri Vadkkumnathan. According to epics Parasurama is the founder of this temple.
Thekkinkadu ground(Teak foreset), the ground surrounding the temple is 64 Acres. The temple has 16 Acres and is located at the centre of the ground. The temple has four gopuras(entrance ) in four directions with lot of decorative arts and paintings. Three sreekovils (sanctum ) for Vadakkum nathan, shankaranarayana moorthy and Sreerama Swamy. Sree Parvathi Devi and Mahaganapathy also have separate places in the main Sreekovil. Shiva prathishta is self born(swayam bhoo) but it can not be seen because of the ghee covered by the abhishekams. The ghee at a height of 10 feet will not melt even in the summer for several years(Ney mala). It is a miracle and short pieces of ghee from the mound are taken as a medicine by devotees.

This temple has a lot of sub dieties. Besides other temples it will take more time to complete your visit according to the rituals. Goshalakrishnan, Nandikeswaran, Parasuraman, Simhodaran, Vedavyasan, Dharmashasthavu and the stone as the monument of the great Srishankara.
A strong belief exists that Sree shakara is the incarnation of Mahadeva. His parents were great devotees of this temple.
The great offering of this temple is 'neyyabhishekam'(pouring ghee over the idol ). Whenever the mound of ghee collapse then there will be an evil happening in Thrissur, is also a belief among devotees.
The vast area, the giant old trees and the thekkin kadu all will lead us to the harmony of nature and human beings in a divine atmosphere. Its not just a temple its a monument of our rich heritage and culture.
Administration of this temple is by Cochin Devaswom board.
Phone no:91 487 - 2426040
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